Saturday, 16 September 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Scrapbooking Weekend

So, to continue from last weekend's post, I did do a LOT of scrapbooking over the Bloggers' Weekend - 16 layouts to be exact! I won't bore you with all of them though!

Our first challenge, before we even arrived, was a pass the page challenge - a bit like Chinese Whispers. The first person created a page and sent a photo of it to the second person - they scraplifted it to create their page then passed it on to the next and so on. However I forgot to take photos of them when they were all layed out on the table! Here is my layout though!

 My favourite of the whole weekend actually came about from one of Jemma's challenges. This was the 6 challenge - the layout had to include a title of just 6 letters, exactly 6 words of visible journalling, we had to use 6 different shades of cardstock or patterned papers, include a 6" strip of somthing, feature 6 embellishments and use either 6 photos or include the digit 6 on the page!
Another challenge we had was a page kit which Jemma had put together for us all. We all had the same kit and were only allowed to add photos, adhesive, ink/paint, tools and creativity. The differing pages were fantastic!
All the different layouts
Karen's layout
Ruth's layout
Kirsty's layout

My layout
The third challenge was a sketch challenge - we could take what inspiration we liked from it but there had to be something recognisable in our layouts from the sketch.
The sketch
My layout
I had such fun joining in with the challenges - they really made you think especially the '6' one!

Here are a few of my other favourite layouts from the weekend.

And finally, here are the great group of ladies whom I spent the weekend with. I really hope that they invite me again next year as I will be there like a shot!

Photo courtesy of Jemma
Photo courtesy of Jemma

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Bloggers' Weekend

Back in February I was thrilled to receive an email from Alison asking me if I would like to join her and other bloggers for a weekend away in Cirencester scrapping. Of course I said yes!

So last Friday I packed up the car with page kits and bags of other scrapping goodies plus an overnight bag and set off for the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester to join a group of lovely ladies some of whom I had met before, some whom I knew just through their blogs and others I had never met either online or in real life! I had a blast!
My first stop was actually at the station where I picked up 3 ladies who had come by train, Jacky (who I had met in London at the meet up with Deb), Kirsty and Mrs Wookie, neither of whom I had met, but I recognised them immediately!

Arriving at the university we unloaded all our goodies and took them up to the room. Jemma (our wonderful organiser) arrived shortly afterwards and we were soon helping to organise the room ready for 20 scrapbookers to have plenty of space to work!
Most people had arrived by 4pm and we all settled down to start crafting. Dinner was at 6.30pm and this was a great time to chat and properly meet everyone. After dinner it was back up to the room where we crafted away for hours! I gave in at 10.30pm and went to bed!

Rising early Saturday morning I had time for a walk before breakfast and time to take some photos of the lovely grounds we were staying in.

After a delicious breakfast (I'm dreading the scales at Slimming World today!) we all met back up in our crafting room and spent the day crafting, chatting, laughing, eating cakes (thanks Karen!) and sweeets and getting to know people who were new to us.
Jemma had organised some challenges for the weekend which were great fun - more about them next weekend.

Here is my table of lovely ladies, Karen, Kirsty, Liz, Kay and Tracey. I had only met Karen before but soon felt as if I had known all the ladies for a long time! We got a lot of crafting done, but had SO many laughs!
It was so nice to spend some time with Ruth and have a good chat and a catch up and the same with Alison. And it was great to meet Alexa at last - such a lovely lady. I have been reading Mrs Wookie's blog for years and it was fun to finally meet her irl too!

We scrapped until late again on Saturday - I went to bed a bit earlier as I was SO tired! Sunday dawned rainy, so I had a quick walk before breakfast and then returned to scrapping. We had to be out of the room by 3pm so at about 2pm we all started to tidy away our stash and help Jemma clear the room.

I had such a FUN weekend. I got a lot of scrapbooking done too! I'll share that next week though!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Paycocke's House and Garden

Just a really quick post from me today. I am hopefully, by now, settled in the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester for the Bloggers Weekend doing lots of crafting! More to come on that next weekend!

Last Sunday, with it being a bank holiday AND it was sunny, Hugh and I had an impromptu day out to Coggeshall to Paycocke's House and Garden. It is run by the National Trust and I can thoroughly recommend it - the little cafe was great too and although I didn't have any cake it looked delicious!

Here are a few photos from our day out:

Beautiful view on our walk from the car park to the house
Front of the house

In the garden with the house in the background

And that's it for this weekend! Hope you have a great couple of days off and I'll be back with news of my weekend away next weekend.